Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Was Once - the blog

Today I started a new blog: What Was Once - a film diary

I thought it might be interesting to follow the work of a short animation production; all the little and overwhelming chores, the administration, creativity, the ups and the downs.

Let's see if I can keep the new blog up!

And today is take off! Have I mentioned it before - Barcelona? Me going? Today? I am! Me happy. Much so.

Loveliness indeed.

PS. The photo is from my one wet Berlinian night long boxing career. Please take notice of the gloves and the moustache. I was bad.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday was sunshine and blue skies and a meeting with a producer willing to try and make an animated short with me. 2010 is taking off nicely whatever comes to be.

And tomorrow the plane takes off for Barcelona. It's easy to get caught up in the practicalities and loose sight of the magic, especially mornings like this when your head says sleep and your body says go.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad girl

Yesterday I was a poor girl friend, causing scenes and trouble. Today I'm hungry and tired and loving:y.

The snow, that never was gone, is back with a vengeance. I'm the happy one whereas everyone else is dreaming of spring and grass and the idea of not having to layer oneself with every item of clothing there is.

Wednesday we take off for Barcelona. Oh I can't wait. Bring me to the land of tapas posthaste, I hear it's 15°C over there...
Na-na-na-naaa-na, pilutta dej!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obsessive yes, but compulsive?

It's fun going through old drawings to see if I find anything for my portfolio. Lots and lots of thin grey and black lines, sketches and repetition. Slightly compulsive, but that's the way animators go I guess, if you're willing to draw 12 or more seemingly identical pictures to make one second, you gotta be a little koko.

I have a trick to put myself to sleep, I furnish and decorate different flats for myself, mostly suburban ones. I can keep going on the same one for a long time, sometimes months, going into different colour schemes, but almost always using my own furniture.

The other night I created a new bedroom for myself as I changed a studio into a one room:er. I'm very excited about this little home and kinda long closing my eyes to enter it. The room has got thunder blue walls and dark green wooden floors, my mother's old oak cabinet, plenty of flowers, my grand mother's tiny Persian carpet and the big Berlinian E on the wall.


These are my latest drawings, I'm working on a nighttime sky for an animation. Imagine something like this with falling stars:

PS. I love Bea Szenfeld's old paper dress.
Childishly flowery lovely exquisite. I found it among my stuff.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life in pictures


Going through old illustrations, putting together a new print portfolio.
Discovering an exploded fossil - a fossilized explosion? - in a stairwell.
Cynthia Stern and DJ Leenus at Quantum Hustle, Pleasant.
Going for cold walks over bumpy slippery roads, and diamonds.
Putting together our first DJmix, and having brunch with friends.
Strange windows displays and birds in high places.

I can't believe it's Monday. Sigh.