Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Once upon a time in Skanstull

I live at Skanstull at Södermalm in Sthlm, and through Stockholmskällan I got access to archive photos to show you what my 'hood once upon a time looked like...

Old house south of Götgatan 100
May 15 1907, photo by: Larssons Ateljé, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Workers at Piehl's brewery at Götgatan 100. Here Marsöl, Vegaöl, Bitter Nürnberg, Witzenbier, Pilsnerdricka and Franziskanerbier was made.
1897, photo by: Frans Gustaf Klemming, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Aren't the female brewery workers striped aprons and triangular bonnets lovely?
Over all this photo is a treat!

View from the country road by Skanstull over Hammarby lake toward Södermalm.
May 15 1907, photo by: Larssons Ateljé, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Stockholm's waterworks by Eriksdal.
1896, photo by: Carl Johan Gimberg, Stockholms stadsmuseum

View from Skanskvarn (that I've written about before) over Södermalm.
1891, photographer unknown, Stockholms stadsmuseum

View from Stora Blecktornet, Södermannagatan 49, toward Skanstull.
October 18 1909, photo by: Larssons Ateljé, Stockholms stadsmuseum

The making of the Skanstull bridge.
1944 - 1947, photo by: Lennart af Petersens, Stockholms stadsmuseum

The beauty of shattering ice.

The establishment for sand washing (sandtvättningsanstalten - !) by Skanstull.
In the back is Bohusgatan and Stora Blecktornet.
1897, A. O. Alrutz, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Götgatan north of Skanstull.
1896, photographer unknown, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Götgatan 90, north of Skanstull.
1885 - 1910, photo by: Kasper Salin, Stockholms stadsmuseum

Published with permission by Stockholmskällan/The Stockholm Source.
(The images link to their original locations.)

And now, a harsh transition from analogue to digital. I tried to find approximately the same views on, an online map, to break the romance of old film:

Götgatan 100 (pic 1 and 2).

View from Skanstull bridge over Hammarby lake toward Södermalm (pic 3).

The Stockholm's waterworks was below these houses and the hill (pic 4).

View from Skanstull bridge toward Södermalm, Skanskvarn is below to the left
(pic 5).

Södermannagatan 49, toward Skanstull (pic 6).

I couldn't find a good shot of Skanstull bridge (so nothing for pic 7).

The sand washing establishment was somewhere around here (pic 8).

Götgatan 90 (pic 9 and 10).

It's like the final words in my (up and coming) short film What Was Once:

"Next time you see me
you won't recognize me,
nothing in my appearance will give me away.
Because you see my love,
what was once,
can never - ever - be again"

(Are you supposed to tell these things?)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From black and blue all the way to white and orange

This x ray pin up calender I first saw over at my.god.damn.gown.
This being June it's a bit of old news, but that doesn't stop me.
I think it's thrilling, silly and all the way.

Hope Gangloff's beautiful work I found through an acquaintance at Facebook.
She does more varying motifs than people laying down.
These somehow stuck with me.
I like the coldness of colour.

Holly Woodlawn

Jackie Curtis

Candy Darling

Last some old Hollywood, 60's glamour.
I love the backlit hair, their soft hands and serious expressions.
Where the 40's pics seem somehow eternal, these feel momentary, like a window shutting out a noisy street. The make up will come off and a new shape form.

(The images link to their original locations.)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Looking at you looking back at me

Images by EllaSkerries.

Today is the day when I start e-mailing producers about my short film
What Was Once. I have a tingle in my belly and an etch a sketch list over Monday things to do... I've overslept and the calling of the woods have put a running sensation in my legs. Outside the sun is painting things white.

Monday Hello!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


One long lovely day, as seen through the warmth of my sunglasses.

Friday, June 25, 2010

In the midst

Today is barbeque, croquet, sunshine, music and friends in the park - it's midsummer! I love these long days of sun and relaxation, effortless and lovely.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Concrete and lush

In Sthlm there are several places where 60's concrete meets cottages from the previous turn of the century. I love the beautiful anachronism and dream of one day having my own house under a bridge.

Last time I was at the mill Skanskvarn I was told about the ghost Linda that murdered her husband by throwing a sack of flour on him. The neighbors starved her to death in the top floor of the mill where you still hear her song...

Below Skanskvarn right by the water is Sundsta, pale yellow, wooden apartment houses from the previous turn of the century in a wild, overgrown garden. I pass it every time I go jogging and think: Mmm...