Wednesday, December 31, 2008


co•coon |kəˈkoōn|
a silky case spun by the larvae of many insects for protection as pupae.
• a similar structure made by other animals.
• a covering that prevents the corrosion of metal equipment.
• something that envelops or surrounds, esp. in a protective or comforting way :
the cocoon of her kimono | figurative a warm cocoon of love.

verb [ trans. ] (usu. be cocooned)
envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way : we began to feel cold even though we were cocooned in our sleeping bags.
• spray with a protective coating.
• [ intrans. ] retreat from the stressful conditions of public life into the cozy private world of the family :
the movers and shakers are now cocooning.

However we don't settle at that, we also sometimes wrap our bridges.

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