Sunday, January 18, 2009

The heart of the maze

This is about 7.30 in the morning Saturday the 17th January.
The first of one weekend's many car rides through Skogskyrkogården, The Woodland Cemetary.

I was there as assistant director at the shooting of David Henrikssons short film Angående Tims död.

The photos show the same path over and over, back and forth, connecting the entrance gates with the labyrinth of woods, paths and plots.
This time it's at sunrise about an hour later.

I've taken them going between our tiny head quarters at the heart of the maze and the different locations.

The morning turned into a glorious January day, to the crew's dismay, since that wasn't the desired light.

The days are short and bewildering.
Is it day or is it night? Late or early?
It was now as dark as when we began.

Leaving the graveyard on bumpy roads for the highway and Saturday's last shot.

Sunday evening, leaving my post at the graveyard.
It had become a magical place, a world of it's own.
I felt weird leaving it, and weird for having stayed that long.

I didn't spend the night.

More behind the scenes photos are coming up!
This post is inspired by Peapods' idea AM and PM.

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