Friday, July 31, 2009

Gorki Park

This little Russian café and bar at Weinbergsweg is is a long time trusty friend of mine. I've obsessed over the beautiful coffee cups and managed to buy near like them (though not quite as fine), had lonely white wine evenings there, while the sky is darkening and the Turkish imbiss on the street plays ABBAs "Fly like the eagle" much too loudly.

This time Glenn and I occasionally frequented it on our käse o.d. glück galenskap früshtück tours through town. Cheese and coffee is a dangerous drug for small Northerners, and Berlin knows how to satisfy your every breakfast whim, and more, like a sister of mercy - without the mercy.

What you see is the vegetarian breakfast offer, that in Berlin minds is intended for one person: Blini rolls with spinach, blini rolls with curd, organic scrambled eggs, vegetable spread, fruit salad, curd pancakes, sour cream, jam, honey, butter, breadbasket... all for 6€.

Oh, and isn't it a pretty place? The table tops are all like art work.
I want to take them home and just cherish them.

PS. Love this: Green Porno. How swell!

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