Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SeinäjoElla 01: Silja Line

We met up early in the morning, to film people getting on and off the boat, on foot or by wheel.

I love the photo of this bird ridden window greasy island up close.

Photo by Karolina Brobäck.
My feet, both of them. There is something very vulnerable about sleeping bodies.

Silja Line accommodates your every whim, even if its feathery greasy muscly mama's boys. Sweet.

Northern summer.

Northern boy.

This little beast gave me quite a thrill. What is it, does anybody know? I mean, what breed. It was very attached to it's master, who held it in his arms and danced around with it on the dance floor. We had a quiet moment together when it hid under my legs.

Imagine if this feathery dustiness was your entire body.

These are photos from my tiny team (aka Tough Little Crew, Trollvulvan or We're Discreet Small Women) taking the day cruise to Turku, or as we say in Sweden, Åbo. It's the first step of getting to Seinäjoki and the Tangomarkinatt and World Nordic Tango Championship to film the remnants of our documentary.

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