Thursday, July 16, 2009

SeinäjoElla 03: A corner of Turku

We arrived in the evening. Karol and I went for a brief walk through a desolate beautiful slightly mould smelly Turku.

A lot of the houses were beautiful, in photo blog terms Door 16-esque, with beautiful flowery gardens and carpenter joy to spare. I love the little stylized record player funnel decoration on the roof.

Youth Hostel Turku.
(Apparently the first thing to surface if you google "hostel" and "Turku", Glenn has informed me.) A great place.
On the way home it was flooded with Russians, which turned the undressing by the public bathroom door to a near buskis Benny Hill-light drama; the door kept swinging on it's hinges back and forth and tiny wild-eyed Russian women groping their toothbrushes and tiny towels popping up at every unconvenient moment possible.
(They were the Benny Hills, see?)

Behind this wall is the channel and a live jazz paviljonki.
Linnankatu 38, I think. Go there! I'll try.

Different shades of soft.

And a white wall I photographed "for practical reasons".

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