Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vast & plain

There proved to be a Depeche Modesque field right behind my uncle's house in the countryside outside of Turku. We went for an after dinner walk. The Finnish sky is one of the best and the colours of the field were rich yet muted. Later on we retraced our steps looking for my mother's hearing aids, but that's a different story...

Plains aside, I just awoke Glenn with a minor explosion, miniscule blood shed and glass shards in one happy mess. Seems powerful yet pointless forces have been at play. Some books and bric-a-brac on only one side of the book cabinet are toppled over, and some glass pieces have mysteriously broken, or exploded. And in the kitchen a picture frame has gone funny, the little metal thingies that keep the picture in place have somehow erected themselves, pushing the lower part of the frame away from the wall... Should I be worried?
I'm never leaving home again, clearly this is where the action is.

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