Sunday, October 25, 2009

Out of the cold, into the cold

Today is such a sleepy Sunday and I'm giving you nothing but nonsense, photowise.

These are actually the first pics I took going into Berlin and the beginning of five beautiful days of cold and rain and friends and
loud basey music and oh, Berlin.

This time we didn't get no 200 m2 wohnung but a Prenzlauer Berg livingroom that was in itself bigger than our entire tiny flat. The ceiling was resting among the stars and us Northeners laid curled up like macaroni in a bedsofa to stay warm, surrounded by red wine and big plans.

This early evening in Sthlm, in the back of my head, I'm thinking of Funeral in Berlin, of the ruins and the gold room and Michael Caine as Edna Dorph. There is a Berlin for each and everyone of us, although sometimes it lies secluded in time.

Alright, enough said - tonight is Billion Dollar Brain time.
At last.

"It's taken man thousands of years to do what
the brain can do in seconds... Destroy the world!

What are you going to do about that Michael Caine?

Billion Dollar Brain
Caine vs. Brain"

What's not to love?

(The images link to their original locations.)

PS. This is what I gave Karol for her birthday.
Nice, yes?

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