Friday, December 11, 2009

A yesterday walk

Pics from a walk through my beloved drizzly city.

I'm still a bit weary from confusion and lack of results. I think it also has to do with working from home. It doesn't add to your energy, this mix of home and work. Sometimes it would be kinda nice to escape the fact that it's all up to you.

I'm still in a good mood though.
Tomorrow it's time for Flexi III at El Mundo!
You're very welcome to visit our prickly nest of thorny 80's synth:
Colouroïd, El Mundo, Erstagatan 21, 21 - 01.

PS. How nerdishly hardcore were the three brothers Bethke?

Ingo, Holger and Egbert Bethke grew up in an East Berlin suburb.

Ingo had the idea of trying to flee to the West when he was sixteen. After a year and a half of planning, he threaded his way through the fences and minefields and floated across the Elbe river clinging to an air mattress.

Years later, his brother Holger used a bow and arrow to shoot a wire from a rooftop across the Berlin Wall, where Ingo stood waiting. They ran a steel cable over the Death Strip, Ingo fastened it to his car, and Holger rolled down it on wheels.

Later, the two flew back in two ultra-light aircrafts to pick up the third brother Egbert. They painted the aircrafts with Soviet markings and dressed in military uniforms with microphones. One brother landed in Treptower Park in East Berlin to grab their brother hiding in bushes, while the other brother circled above watching for danger. They even attached cameras to the planes and taped the rescue!

It's hard to find much in English about the Bethke brothers, this is from here and here.

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