Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last weekend: Three women

After Lee Miller we attended Shirin Neshat's Women without men and Hyun-Jin Kwak's Girls in Uniform, both of them at Kulturhuset.

Of Kwak's work I especially liked Agonist, that would be very scary pretty at home, well in the next much bigger home, where there are walls and walls in abundance.

For me, Lee Miller was the strongest experience of the day though, the ease and topic choice and the exquisiteness of the quality of the photos and the slight sepia tint in the black and white:dness.

I didn't like that they had written that the reason she was able to cope with the horrors of war was because she'd been sexually abused as a child. I don't think they'd justify a male war correspondent's capability in any such fashion. Do you?

Today my laptop is firmly placed on my other Perstorp kitchen table that resides in a suburb of Sthlm. The hallway floor is being polished and I'm not welcome home 'til tonight.

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Ella said...

PS. Vi frågade Hyun-Jin Kwak om man kan köpa Agonist. 69.000kr!

Vi avvaktar...