Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When times are bad

I know that The Misz song goes

This must be understood
Even bad times are good
Good enough for me
Living in my fantasy

but today I beg to differ. The no from the last money person came this morning which means that three years of work right this moment seems redundant and that all options have turned so harsh. Without for instance the support of the Film Board even if you get your film together the chances of it being screened are minimal.

One of the things the Film Board wrote in its' no is that the Swedish documentary industry is blooming. To that I just want to answer: It's a frigging miracle. To use us as an example there's no place where we can even hope to get money before January or March, and those are the same places that just turned us down.

I know I'll see things differently once the chock is over but for now I'm in mourning. And I post pretty pics from Barcelona. When times are bad dream, dream away. I wish I could live in my fantasy.

And I wish I knew why we were being turned down, other than that supporting us would be "impractical". There's got to be another reason, right?


Lidia said...

Nice Pictures from Barcelona!

Ella said...

Thank you dear! I miss you, hope to see you soon.

famapa said...

nej vad tråkigt :(

onwards and upwards som vi säger här. kram på dig!

Ella said...

Åh tack tack!
Ja det är ju inte som att man kan gå baklänges direkt. Hm.