Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From black and blue all the way to white and orange

This x ray pin up calender I first saw over at my.god.damn.gown.
This being June it's a bit of old news, but that doesn't stop me.
I think it's thrilling, silly and all the way.

Hope Gangloff's beautiful work I found through an acquaintance at Facebook.
She does more varying motifs than people laying down.
These somehow stuck with me.
I like the coldness of colour.

Holly Woodlawn

Jackie Curtis

Candy Darling

Last some old Hollywood, 60's glamour.
I love the backlit hair, their soft hands and serious expressions.
Where the 40's pics seem somehow eternal, these feel momentary, like a window shutting out a noisy street. The make up will come off and a new shape form.

(The images link to their original locations.)

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