Thursday, June 17, 2010

PRC Paper dolls

Sometimes I like having old Project Runway episodes on when I work.
After going through Project Runway Canada season 2 yet another time,
I decided to make my own paper doll creations for some of the challenges.

And a bathing suit for some reason.
Silly but fun.

From bedroom to boardroom, a power suit and underwear.
I was thinking a Russian inspired dress going suit, with paisley cuffs and a tie belt, and black halterneck underwear with long silk ribbons.

Return of the supermodel: A dress for Coco Rocha.
I took an Elizabethan lacey collar and turned it down and added white pearl buttons. And then a clean raw silk dress with an open back.

I really wanted to draw a bathing suit though there was no such challenge.
I was thinking a white bathing cap with a bow, either a real one or one drawn on with black contours. And a black halterneck bathing suit with a shirt collar.

Now I'll go back to work.

(The original paperdoll comes from here. My! She's a busty number.)

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