Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silly girl

I couldn't figure out the intercom, so I ran out into the stairwell to open the front door, turned around to fetch the key and watched the door slam shut in my face. Glenn waited sweaty and weary by the front door, when I opened it saying: I messed things up for us...

If you get locked out, the landlords here don't have an extra copy of the key, so you drill up the lock and install a new. This didn't seem to be a good option for us and the family we house sit for are far away.

After long vertiginous minutes of thinking and searching the yard, saying sorrys and thinking whys, a kind neighbour lent us his ladder that was much too short. Glenn climbed it, the house and in through the open window and he didn't fall down upon us.

Having a home is a lovely thing.

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