Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Citroën 2CV


I promised you colour!

This is the little 2CV I made for my sister's birthday. She has a massive collection of I don't know how many 2CV:s - but none in paper (one Cuban in papier mache).

I grew up a caravan child, probably to stem my father the sailor's constant restlessness (he didn't want a boat 'cos that would be too much like working). As soon as the grass grew green we'd pack up our belongings and giant dog and take to the road all summer through. He longed for this the rest of the year.

In the caravan my sister and I shared bed, and this is actually her old sleeping bag that I have turned into a bedspread. It's the softest in the world.


panamaniac said...

I love your blog with its varied images, photos, fabrics, paintings and writings..........and as for the 2cv, sublime, thank you.

Ella said...

Thank you! You make me happy.