Monday, August 30, 2010

The city that never ends

This Monday doesn't begin with a brisk walk along the shoreline with a coffee in my hand and a backpack full of computer stuff as was intended.

Instead it begins by my desk with the glamour of flat traveling, fueled by left over chanterelle pizza, through a snippet of the vast and weird landscape of Swedish author, designer and artist Eric Ericson (info in Swedish - info in English).

Would you like to slowly cruise through the 21 meters long drawing that is his Panorama Pocket, click here.

From the back of the book (my translation):

"How big can a city get? If you go through Los Angeles, Tokyo or Kairo, you get a sensation that the city never ends. The city seems to continuously keep on going."

Mind you, this pocket is old news, it's from 2005 and as far as I know out of print.
Fun for the Swedish speakers:
My friend Jocke keeps on banging out the best web.
This weekend was registered.
A new flag with the Ella Empire logo loosely pushed down into earth.

To be continued.
Monday Hello!
It's a lot of Monday today.

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