Friday, August 13, 2010

The original Pixies

I'm actually posting this at 5 in the morning! The neighbour upstairs is having a party for two and I can't go back to sleep... Blogging in the dark as not to stir the Glenn is a tricky thing since his computer keys don't light up....

I discovered that the fairies have been dancing in my 'hood while we were away.
Wikipedia dearest says: "One resident of Balquhidder, Scotland, said that the fairies sit on the mushrooms and use them as dinnertables, and a Welsh woman claimed that fairies used the mushrooms as parasols and umbrellas."
But we all know they've been dancing, right?

I'm not so much New Age:y as raised on Northern fairytales. I love seeing traces of the old mythology in my everyday life, a kinda layers on layers thing.
Yesterday I forgot to mention it was my sister's birthday.

Hurra Spo!

But it's okay since she doesn't read this blog. Today I'll keep on making a little paper Citro├źn 2CV for her.
Yesterday's paintings still give me a shiver.
Friday Hello!

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