Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are the colours brown and yellow

This is the last but one episode in my series The abandoned brewery.
I think you're now getting a sense of how big this place is - and this is only a bit!

(I quite look forward to getting into my normal blogging routine again!)

This is where Heinrich, Berlin based urban exploration fan, takes all of his out of town:ers, "since it's so easy to break in". We had a beautiful day exploring nooks and corridors, halls and broken staircases, finally climbing up the roof drinking bubbles watching beautiful Berlin below us.

When Heinrich first found the brewery a year ago it was completely intact, with bottles and equipment in place, just like it was left in the 90's. Since then people posted its location online and it's been trashed, like Teufelsberg.
Thursday Hello!

Is the working week coming to an end, or will the weekend become an extension of the week? And pretty though it is, what is The limits of control really about?

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