Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cables, grays and corners

Yesterday's harvest:

Just by the station where we live, in Nishi-Eifuku, there is a Finnish restaurant. This is very funny to me and I haven't seen one anywhere else in Tokyo. According to their web site (quite a 90's experience) they have a traditional Finish menu with Karjalan piirakka, which is what I more or less grew up on. Ooh, I must try this! Japanese style Karjalan piirakka, a must have!

La SOFFITTA suddenly blinked into our camera eyes. Jessica's find.
I knew we probably both belong to some kind of loose grouping, ecpecially after having enjoyed the Exactitudes, but I dind't know we actually had a name. Until now. Soffitta. So true and so unexpected.
We didn't try the food though.

Nor have I tried the U.F.O noodles. Yet.

At home I had a small one woman party yesternight. It was going quite well until Karol skyped me this link. That left me with a rather sweet sickening taste in my mouth.
The latest fad amongst Soffitta is different flavoured soy bars. Yum!

Today's photo harvest:


Details of what is the Nike house, which makes it less appealing,
in all its gray angular glory.

A strange evening fog.

It's gotten slightly colder and windier which is nice. We've been very lucky with the weather - well with everything actually! - apparently it was raining more or less non stop before we arrived. Walking, taking photos, eating, shopping slightly and staring up and down and to the sides until your eyes give in. It's a sweet life.

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