Sunday, May 17, 2009

Design Festa

The Mothership has landed.

Today we visited Design Festa, Asia's biggest design festival.
It's twice a year in Tokyo, and anyone who wants to can rent a booth.

It's huge. Displayed here is the theatre area, and from this room you can go to several big halls filled with booths. Oh, and there's a top floor.

The squid band, one of many odd acts at the festival.

"A good sport is the best meal", says this cute purse.
I wonder if the cute bunny wabbit felt like such a good sport.
There was another one with a cute piglet that said: "Time is precious".
I don't think any irony was intended.

Cats and Alice in Wonderland had served as a big source of inspiration for many designers. There were also lots of dolls, both grotesque and cute. And milk teeth.

This sign serves as a reminder, that everything cosmic isn't good, Karolina.

Tomorrow we're going to Osaka, and then Kyoto.

Unfortunately we won't travel with this means of transportation.

Japan is taking the pigflu very seriously and have shut down all schools and more importantly all museums in the Osaka area which has altered our plans for the worse... unfortunately. I'm not worried for my own health, it's just very annoying.

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