Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ashiya - Shin-Osaka - Kyoto

On the train for Shin-Osaka and Ashiya.

We heard that all the shops in the Kobe - Osaka area had run out of masks, so we got us some for preventive purposes, although we think the pig flu threat has been greatly exaggerated.
Still we felt slightly uneasy going.
Also, we wanted to blend in of course.

You're one of us, right?

Photos from the train ride.

We spent a wonderful day in the town of Ahiya. It was quite a chock after Tokyo, to suddenly find ourselves sit by a creek with some American families and children. We had frozen pizza, went for soft ice cream (green tea and rose flavored, yum), a wood print/tatebanko lecture that was very interesting and last but not least a delicious Japanese meal.

Then we left Ashiya for Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel, and not for the...

...the Shin-Osaka section of the Glennpire.

Reprezentin' at the check-in.

The view from our dormitory room at the hostel.
The hostel was very clean and very annoying, for example you weren't allowed to have your bed light on after 11 pm and it was switched on at 6 am. Lovely.

The view from our Kyoto pension.

The Pension Station Kyoto is a lovely place decorated British style. Fitted carpets, rosy bed spreads and wall paper - oh and wall papered ceiling as well.

All the lamp posts around where we live have been decorated with fake branches.

I'm here!

The Kyoto Tower.

Something I hope to get, once at home.

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