Saturday, May 9, 2009


I almost got this for Glenn, hadn't it been so ugly, and in the bad way.
(Ugly can be so pretty.)

Look Glenn, they have jelly coffee here as well!
Like in London, but different.

Not to mention the café au lait cube!
(Well, or as we call it - iced coffee,
which immediately makes it much less exciting.)

The "LAS, VEGAS" game parlor.

I love the smiley childrens suit. So clean cut.

Not to mention the dog Super man clothes.
We saw a dog today with a suit resembling a two piece flowery blouse and jeans skirt. Very advanced. The dog seemed quite okay with the arrangement. I think.

Today Jessica and I cruised the Shimokitazawa area by foot.
Japan reference says: "Shimokitazawa is one of the trendiest and most looked-after area to live for young Tokyoites. Nightlife is the main attraction, with cafes, small restaurants and amateur concerts."
Tiny shops - clothes, shoes, vintage - and tiny restaurants of all kinds.

I got acquainted with the "clothes changing room veil", a veil that looks like a laundry machine bag for bras and such that you tread over your head before trying on a clothes item so no make up or whatever will get rubbed off on it. A very smiley shop girl tread it on and off my head after my confused "I don't understand this".
Very practical and you feel very stupid.

At home our host and his girl friend made us a wonderful dinner.
We do lead a luxurious life, here in Tokyo.

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