Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Enjoy beautiful life"

These signs fill me with hope.

10 years ago this house apparently didn't look like a red bird's nest nor housed artist galleries.

In one of the rooms a Swedish artist had a small exhibition, Daniel Johansson, Venom Palette. I took some photos of his visuals.

The Yoyogi park.

These plaques contain people's wishes. I looked hard for one that didn't wish for world peace and a forgiving heart, and after a long while I found ONE:

"I wish I will be rich and happy and have good luky."

Look Glenn, creepy mags about trains! My thoughts per usual went your way...

I was informed there is actually a whole bookstore dedicated entirely to trains here in Tokyo. Mind-boggling. Somehow that just don't seem right.

This is the view seen from a café we visited today...

...and the view over the railway, seen from a small restaurant later in the evening.

Today was a day of many firsts: I saw my first public waste paper basket, first public clock, first passed out drunk and first jogger since I arrived. It was also today that I kinda realized I'M ACTUALLY HERE!

It was at least 30° C warm. We visited Harajuku, it was crowded and very "sensory overloading" - noises and people and signs and blinking lights and warmth. We also visited the Yoyogi park with the Meiji Jingu shrine.

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