Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What was once

She was a girl
short for her age
and built like a teacup

Her morning breath
made the wallpapers curl
and caused the roof to set sail

His face was strangely anonymous
as though he had just arrived
and wasn’t sure he intended to stay

All our embraces, kisses and promises
tickets, dishes and mornings in
didn’t leave a mark on history

I thought that if we kept on changing
we could trick time to stand still
but it snuck right up behind me

Our friends split up
got cats and kids
houses, scars and a fashion sense

The flat that was ours
grew bigger rooms
and fewer walls

only to be knocked down
with the rest
of the building

Our street has a different name
and leads to another city
and another day

Next time you see me
you won’t recognize me
Nothing in my appearance
will give me away

'Cos you see my love
what was once
can never – ever – be again

This is a poem I wrote the summer of Berlin '04 for an animated short. The film is yet to be realized, it's one of the (several) projects I hope to get to wring the knickers off next year.

Two of the original designs.

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