Monday, October 5, 2009

Material world

Today is all about haves = strange objects, and have nots = money.

Item 1: A beautiful second hand feather hat that's divided my gang into "Ooh! You won't regret that!" to "That's the eeriest thing I've ever seen!" and "A dead bird! I'm not going out with you if you're wearing that!"

Item 2: A chockingly pink deer I got in Halle-am-Saale 2004 from a kind class mate on my birthday. At the time I really liked it but somehow never got around to placing it on my wall. In these days of stuffed and hand made beasts invading our magazine homes this deer has haunted me. Now it's turned white and is closer than ever to touchin' my wall.

Item 3: Ever since I watched "The producers" with my friend Monika I've wanted a little textile flower bonnet thingie that I saw on one of the little old ladies (oh how I love'em eager brawds) and now I've finally made myself one. It's big!

Item 4: Karol returned from her C.Aarmé music video making and Copenhagen partying days with a gift for me from her family, a Rörstrand Japan heirloom to commemorate one of her little old ladies, my Japan trip and my drawing style all in one. Loveliness. She also brought a Beppe Loda vinyl song especially made for her, "Karolina" and news that my friend Egils has taken a bad fall in the lonely dark and broken his nose and damaged his teeth. Oh why.

Item 5: A huge chandelier that I along with the feather hat purchased today is slowly making its' way up into my hallway ceiling. Insanity. Better pics will come, I'm sure. For now it's resting on my coach.

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