Tuesday, November 24, 2009


These pics are from the Långholmen walk I took a few weeks ago.
I was so delighted finding these buoys that I had a big Yayoi Kusama moment, feeling as though I had stumbled upon a great treasure of colourful dots.

Speaking of which, Glenn and I have come up with a name for our music project, both DJ:ing and making music: Colouroïd.
Do you like it?

We wouldn't be the first ones calling ourselves that, there is for example the Colouroid Colour System. The name reminds me of Polaroïd. For us it's the Influenced version of "corduroy".

Yesterday was such a great day. I didn't get much work done, rather the opposite, but I was so happy not being sad.
And the Lill-Sulan news is cheer lovely.

Today is more undefined, I haven't got grips of it yet. Outside it's raining and in here it's dark. I spent the morning in bed making diamonds.

PS. Found this piece of greatness at HANNANONIEN.
This is so inspiring. For the longest time I've been looking for a nice way to dress up my giant pilates ball that is my desk chair.

I like the effect it has on people, the first time they see it most say:
"I could never sit on that!" Then they have to try, especially when Influenced.

As much as I love my ball it's no beauty, and I'm contemplating clothes of different kinds. Preferably something that's easy to wash. Unfortunately I'm no whiz with needle and thread nor sticks and yarn, so this beautiful lamp might not be for me.

Or maybe it's just the thing that will make me want to try my hand at crocheting again. I'm dreaming of a big kitchen some time in the future, with my great grandmother's kitchen set - sofa, table (now it's my desk) and chairs. Wouldn't such a lamp be just the thing? I'd stray away from white though I think, I like my light tender and warm.

PS2. ah-yi posted this beautiful video on printing and book binding. Oh.

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