Thursday, November 12, 2009

Metropia II

What a busy week. This morning I'm treating myself to a little Ella + laptop + bed alone time. This is the moment before coffee.

These are pics from the Metropia sneak preview premiere at 40's cinema Park. The scenery of the film was sometimes so beautiful I was tempted to raise my camera, but no, I didn't.

I find it hard to speak of the film, somehow I can't seem to pin it down. It was beautiful, had a strong esthetic sense and a very muted colour scheme. The animation was uneven, the standard so high that every dip was noticeable. The script could have been stronger, but the topic was very interesting.

I definitely recommend it and have a feeling I will watch it again.

Karol the barrel, senior layout artist/animator/compositor and friend.
Her strength lies buried in her Aslanesque mane.
Watch the great C.AARMÉ video she made last.

The official Metropia web page.

PS. Gimme a string of butterflies won't you, or a garland of horses in flight. I wants it all.

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