Monday, November 2, 2009

My Edward Gorey Fanzine

Last spring I took two inspirational university courses, one theoretical in music for film and one more hands on in illustration and graphic design. In the latter we wrote an essay about a graphic design style or an illustrator and then used the essay to make a fanzine.

I chose Edward Gorey, an all time source of inspiration, and my fanzine idea was that someone working with illustration, graphic design or such would write about an idol of theirs and design and illustrate it in a style mixed between their own and their idol's, then pass it on to someone else who would do the same about someone else... and so on.

A very back to the origin kinda fanzine and something I'd love to read.

Ever since, I've had the idea to re-write it in English only and loose the university foot note style, but since I'm not sure when that might happen - here you are!

I quite like the idea and the style and want to share it with you.

The day I re-work it I might see if there is any interest in this project.
So this might be a preview of coming attractions...

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