Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toutes les animaux de m'appartement

This is some of my apartment wildlife. Then I've not included pictures, cupboard china, earrings and containers - I drew the line.

The bookmark bird, pimped out with mobile phone playing cards.

The white reindeer, waiting for the company of a string shelf and origami diamond lights. One day, but not this day.

Grizzly lamp!

My china origami crane that I found in Tokyo.

Magnetic gifts from beloved Berlinians Anja and Til, from separate occasions. The crocodile is actually a toy.

I don't count the smoking baby as a beast, but would like to include my childhood miniature rabbit candle holder to the theme.

My great grandmother's bottle opener, on top of my childhood Disney cookbook.

A birthday flamingo from Louise and Steven.

My fly pin. Worn out from coming with me everywhere. A treasure.

A birthday gift for my sister, that she passed on to me.
She still doesn't like it.

My owl necklace. Terrible photo, beautiful necklace.

And the owl ring. Much too blingy for me. What was I thinking?

How many animals have you got at home?
I challenge you!

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