Saturday, December 26, 2009

A white Christmas

This is the view from my mother's balcony.
Beautiful, yes?

This year was the first white Christmas in ten years time in my part of the world. The feast in itself was like it always is - with the exception that Glenn was with us. Lovely food, lovely wine, playing games and a few gifts. Sweet.

I'm looking forward to and dreading 2010. I hope for great things:
Lots of Glenn, perhaps a bigger flat, finishing the Nordic tango documentary and starting new creative projects and collaborations of various kinds. Perhaps a little Berlin and a little Iceland.

I'm a lucky girl it seems. Certainly not untroubled, but lucky.


Daisy said...

Hallelujah vilka fina illustrationer du gör!

Ella said...

Tackar, tackar vad rart av dej!
Nu blev jag glad.