Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Sthlm

There's a pattern and a structure to find at every corner, dear Sthlm.

Happy Monday people!

Should I get to work or create a Knight Rider Flickr set?
As usual I don't shy away from asking myself the big questions.
Out of a thousand tiny chores it's hard to know which one to begin with. Is it alright to always pick the one that's the most fun? Or should I go with the one that's the most urgent, grown up style?

PS. Some non-flattering Knight Rider trivia to cheer you up, if only ever so little:

According to Brandon Tartikoff, the head of programming at NBC during the 1980s, the inspiration for the series came about when NBC executives started complaining about the problems of casting handsome leading men in TV series, because many of them couldn't act.

Tartikoff and his assistant came up with a concept for a TV show called, "The Man of Six Words". Each show would begin with the leading man getting out of a woman's bed and saying, "Thank you." Occasionally, throughout the show, the leading man would say, "Okay," when receiving orders from his boss. Then he would chase down some villains and say "Freeze!" Finally, when the people he had saved from death would thank him, he would say, "You're welcome." For the rest of the show, the car would do all the talking.

Although Tartikoff had meant the pitch to be a joke, the NBC executives liked the idea of a TV show about a man with a talking car, and approved it for development.

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