Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last last weekend: Ice ice liebling

Glenn determinedly sliding away for his Norwegian lookout castle.

After Kaknästornet we did one of the things that I like the best - take an ice walk. It's even better with sunshine, the little shards of ice glittering into you eyes, a crisp sensation. I love the fact that your city can suddenly start feeling like wilderness or something aged that doesn't relate to now.

The idea was to take a glass at beloved Blå Porten but it was breaking at the seams from mothers and babies and retired people and tourists, it sounded more like a merry beer hall than a quaint little Carl Larsson:y place.

So we went home.

Today, this morning, sitting in bed with the sheets wrapped around me, this feels very far away. What will next weekend be like, starting off with our musical celebration?

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