Monday, January 18, 2010


This Monday morning I got stuck in a pattern bonanza over at interiör 1900. I'm very drawn to patterns and pattern making, it's something I'd like to get into more, I find it interesting and tricky. I took a pattern design course and I'm slightly looking for a pattern program. But how can I fit that into all the other ideas?

Lately I've been very much into muted pastels, unlike before when a good gold, black and white combo or a leopard pattern would do it. (Who am I kidding - it still does. Especially if the leopard pattern should happen to be in gold, black and white.)

I like the flatness and repetitiveness of these, that they look so hand drawn - and yeah, I like that they look kinda... boring actually. They are so mild and comforting, they would fit a kitchen wall or the surface of a kitchen table perhaps. They are all from the 50's and 60's:

Then there's the surreal 60's and 70's. I think these samples look positively edible. The first one could fit a bedroom, the second a living room perhaps? I really like the almost 50's:y colours.

Alright. Enough. I'm off to tend to my business.

(The images link to their original locations.)


Daisy said...

Mycket snygga, särskilt gilla jag ettan! Är det en gammal eller en nytillverkar tapet?

Ella said...

Ja visst är de vackra.
De är gamla tapeter, ettan finns det två rullar av verkar det som.
Klicka på bilden så får du all info!