Monday, February 8, 2010

Red times four

My head feels like these pics look, a red hot blurry mess. Insomnia is a troublesome thing. I had been looking forward to this Monday. My to do list is crammed and I envisioned a kinda Yeah, let's get it done! day. Uh-uh.

My breakfast egg nearly broke me, so I'm thinking a shower and some home gymnastics together with the Buffy. Could that wake me up, pretty please?

The last El Mundo DJ gig was incredible. People were dancing, we were dancing like crazy, the flexi was tight and on top of the pops a guy used us as a pick up line, in the toilet queue, that's where you work it, right?

Sexy smooth voice: So, have you been to the Flexiwaves before...?
Lovely. To use an all-American line, thinking of this: I feel truly blessed.

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