Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Second hand riches

I've been sorting out my wardrobe and thought I'd share with you some of my gems. I realize, uploading these, they are all second hand... Hm.

The embroidery of my silk blouse. Going.
I remember the look of the behind the counter girl. She couldn't believe anyone would buy this. In hindsight I kinda reluctantly agree.

My sailor top. Oh, so staying.
I bought it to turn it into a coat, Madicken goes sailor style. But I haven't.

My granny skirt. Going.

My disco jump suit. Going. Most definitely so.

My star sweater. Very much staying. Mon amour.

My Karin Wester skirt. Staying. And getting shortened.

This skirt, every time I've worn it I've been stopped by different women asking me where I got it. Why, it's second hand of course. Staying.

A kimono given to me by Karolina. Apparently her grand father bought it in a land far, far away. Staying.

Two summer kimonos bought at the temple flea market in Kyoto. Oh the patterns, the beauty. One day I'd like to turn them into dresses. Too bad I can't sew. Staying.

And a belt. Lovely. Could it become... a bag? Staying.

Last some circular reflections that made me very happy last night.
I'm a child at heart, you know it.

PS. Tonight Cynthia Stern playing neck to neck with DJ Leenus!
Quantum Hustle, Pleasant, Kammakarg 9, 21-01. I will be there.

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