Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dreaming of another coast

Ever since we returned from lovely glorious Barcelona we've both been ill. The good thing about that is plenty of Glenn time and the bad thing is, well... we're ill. I'm starting to stress out a little over chores that need to be done, but I'm much too tired to do much about it. Right now I'm procrastinating going out to get work stuff, because my body says... sit.

I'm dreaming of other colours than the whites and dark greys. Not even the sun outside my window does it for me. I'm looking for the pastels; the pinks, yellows, apricots, blues and soft lilacs.

No. two on my wish list is new clothes and a haircut, I want "70's blue" jeans, candy handbags and perhaps even a jacket, such as I saw in Tokyo... I do what all financially undeveloped girls do and dream...

PS. The Flexiwaves site is up! You go, Glenn.

PS 2. Another good thing about being ill is that you handle rejection and bad news very well, since you're much too exhausted to get upset. It's not exactly a silver lining, more like a grimsweet circumstance.

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