Monday, March 1, 2010

Sthlm Dearest, I'm back

So what do you do when you're stuck at an airport for some hours (five of'em if you add'em up with the hours stuck on a non departing plane)? Why you have a glass of wine and take photos of the big screen TV of course! Together with some magnetic travel backgammon the first half turned out into a rather nice little wait.

I'm back from Barcelona, that has been much too good to us. Thank you all you lovely Barcelonites, especially Lidia, the most tallest pro tourist guide there is. Returning to Sthlm dearest has been grim, the very few hours I've experienced of it so far. The snow slosh, the houses, the bars, the wine, it don't compare well right now. Me wants back.

It seems my body has had enough and turned on me, I cuddle up sleeplessly by Glenn's nighttime computer with a runny nose and aching belly, and sour legs from ascending one mountain too much. Monday seems like an utterly poor idea.

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