Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Confetti world

I celebrate my birthday by taking this spring's very first pollen pill.
I wish it came in the shape of a miniscule cake,
complete with frosting and candles, but it's a plain white.

I can't make my mind up about tonight:
Should I be a good board member and go to the annual meeting,
or stay at home and make vegetarian plankstek with my boy?
(Törley and plankstek, the highlights of the Hungarian cuisine...)

PS. Karol sent me a lovely animation, and Lidia a lovely birthday song:
Tuxedomoon - In a manner of speaking
I press repeat.


miri said...

grattis i efterskott! och vilka fina bilder, gillar verkligen första och sista, lite mättad magi över dem.

Ella said...

Åh tack! Ja, det är fint när det brister.