Sunday, May 23, 2010

My black and white life

Since summer suddenly came into my life it has been turned into black and white. The sharp and glittery blues and greens don't appeal to me once frozen and I no longer can get to the moves and breeze and scents.

Today is a very sleepy Sunday. I contemplate my gazillion ideas, that I have to work so slowly to get to what I want and that today's attempt to record new Colouroïd music failed. I feel frustrated and lazy, ambitious and loving. It's much too easy to focus on the negative to do so.

Yestereve's DJing at Babajan was a hoot. I watched Glenn dance around, hugging and haggling with people, trying to make them like what we played. That boy is full of love and mys.

"If you can't play Lady GaGa, at least you could play a little... lower."

"Don't you have any Grateful Dead?"

No. Never. We won't.

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