Monday, May 24, 2010

Robots dream of electric... clouds?

Cloud Passerelle by Yu Jordy Fu

Liquid Winter by Yu Jordy Fu

Nimbus by Dominic Wilcox

What a lovely thing a cloud lamp can be.
(The paint bucket lamp in the back is kinda creepy though!)

After having seen this cute Cloud Stilt Lamp by Abovo Booth over at Design Sponge, I turn my dreams into googling. Dominic Wilcox's Nimbus is my favourite, and it's not in production.

"I had a bag of polystyrene balls under my desk for a year. I liked to look and feel of them, they seemed to have potential but I wasn't sure what direction that potential could lead. One day I put a light bulb in the bag, it looked interesting. While experimenting with polystyrene balls and mixing them with different glues and resins I created some ball objects. I noticed that light passed through the balls in a similar way to light passing through a cloud. One of my experiments lead to a ceiling light called Nimbus"

- you can read at Dominic Wilcox's page.

Another thing to add to the Let's make list then.
It's indeed a most crowded list...

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