Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Lately I've been toying with the idea of inventing the nicotine pacifier. Imagine a whole subway car full of adults sucking on their Nicofiers, the regular sucking sound they'd make together. Suck - suck - suck -

You'd make a black one with a black silk bow for galleristas, fashionistas and gothic lolitas, a pink glitzy one with a chihuahua print for all the Paris Hilton wannabes, a tweed print Nicofier for the gentlemen and the stylish, a marine one with a single pearl for all the discreet and posh, one with a big glittery Rolling Stones mouth for all the indiscreet and direct, one in pale linen with a greyblack capital letters print for all the art students....

Everyone, every stereotypical group I could think of, would get one.

What unifies a lot of people is the desire to quit smoking or to keep smoking in the name of quitting. I'd be rich enough to be able to make every movie I'd ever dreamt of making.

The Nicofier.
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