Friday, May 28, 2010

The French North

The summer of 2000 me and my sister went to Paris. We stayed at a little hotel, in a room right under the rooftop. Fitted pink carpets covered the ceiling, walls and floor and you couldn't open the one window. Exhausted from the heat and lack of oxygen our stay at the hotel more or less resembled a Benny Hill show without a Benny Hill, with us dizzily rambling about in our birthday suits, from carpet to carpet.

In the reception a twitchy guy worked. He had tired eyes and seemed to be there 24/7. He introduced himself as Loke, jester of the Aesir.

When we returned home one day from a thunder storm I said to him:
By the way, we met your brother.

He didn't get it.
Tonight Colouroïd DJs again! El Mundo, Erstag 21, 21 - 01
There will always be enough Flexi for all of us - welcome!

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