Monday, July 5, 2010

Lindorm dearest

Sitting in the sun by the allotment gardens, we saw lindormen try to renew its grasp of the world. It's a good thing to see as it means good luck, and the Glenn and I weave manyfold plans.

Wikipedia my friend, tells me:

"The belief in the reality of a lindorm, a giant limbless serpent, persisted well into the 19th century in some parts. The Swedish folklorist Gunnar Olof Hyltén-Cavallius collected in the mid 19th century stories of legendary creatures in Sweden. He met several people in Småland, Sweden that said they had encountered giant snakes, sometimes equipped with a long mane. He gathered around 50 eyewitness reports, and in 1884 he set up a big reward for a captured specimen, dead or alive. Hyltén-Cavallius was ridiculed by Swedish scholars, and since nobody ever managed to claim the reward, it resulted in a cryptozoological defeat."

Cryptozoology: The study of hidden (legendary) animals.
Loveliness. Why didn't the study counsellor of my suburban school tell me of this career path?

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