Friday, July 2, 2010

tunnel T banan

"tunnel T banan
The building of the subway
Favour Götgatan's businessmen
Slussen Södra Bantorget Skanstull
Skarpnäck Enskede Örby"

Photo 1, March 7th 1933, photographer unknown, Spårvägsmuseet

"every day
The Stockholm Paper
Stockholm's Daily
to the point - independent - fun - stimulating"

Photos 2 - 6, 1933, photographer unknown, Spårvägsmuseet

This intersection I pass by almost every day, to and fro my home, shops and transportation. (I live to the left!)

Photos 7 - 8, 1957, photographer unknown, Spårvägsmuseet

Photo 9, 1933, photographer unknown, Spårvägsmuseet
This concludes my historical pictorical tour of Skanstull. No more of this.
Tonight! Flexing in the weekend is yours truly Colouroïd DJing the home studio 80's synthy tunes at El Mundo. Erstagatan 21, 21 - 01. You're most welcome!

Would you like to listen to an early Flexi-mix? Clicken sie hier, bitte.
PS. I have a crush on this necklace - bodylace! - by Fannie Schiavoni at
Bon Vintage. Ooh, the high back. I wouldn't mind this with a simple white tee.
Maybe it's time to get an income?
Weekend Hello!
Photos published with permission by Stockholmskällan/The Stockholm Source.
(The images link to their original locations.)

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