Friday, August 6, 2010

Dog world

Berlin is dog land indeed, there must be at least one dog per three Berlinians. Even though the dogs have parents they kinda seem to belong to everyone too in a way.

One charmer we watched, a black beauty with a worn out tennis ball, got everyone to throw his ball exactly the way he wanted to - not too far, and in a way so he could catch it and show off as well - and if people threw it too far he simply sat down, waiting for someone to come to the rescue. People, uninvolved in the ball throwing, stopped conversations and stepped off bikes to throw it back to him.

This dog is a different story though. Luke. It's probably one of the most socially inept dogs I've ever seen, with two all consuming interests, food and licking ass, the latter to a stalker harassment degree. If he were a human he'd be the guy you'd avoid at all cost - at least that's what all the dogs at Görlitzer Park did, after proper telling him off's.

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