Sunday, August 8, 2010

So long - farewell - auf Wiedersehen - adieu

This is the last morning of Berlin and I've barely slept because of migraine. Having old u n g t b l o d posts for company I decided I must make a Berlin blog good bye.

The Glenn and I are big Berliner Fernsehturm fans and this time was our most anticipated going up into the tower time. It was quite the let down since you couldn't enter the Telecafé unless you had made a reservation to eat. We sat on bar stools surrounded by running around school kids, sipping on a drink, swallowing a bubble of panic from the bodily warning signals from being inside a bubble on a stick.

My love for the tower stays undiminished. I'd love to have a poster of this old stamp:

Pretty yes?

There's so much I could say about the wonders of this trip and the fantastic people we've met. This is not so much a good bye as the start of a return. I long for my bed at home and my Stockholm friends, but boy I'd love to stay and loiter. The return to work and routines no matter how good my life at home is, is going to be as hard as ever.

Berlin, wait for me.

What I'm not going to miss however is this rental flat.
Craphole goodbye.

(The stamp image links to its original location.)

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