Friday, August 20, 2010

Grey and gaudy

The Eastern children are going out to play.
A breakfast erdbeerschorle, backgammoning for my life (I'm red).
Visiting the wrong Stasi museum, the everything looks like a school project-one.
Sunbathing our full bellies before a slow walk to the water tower.
Colour coordinated pigeons, a sign of an old civilisation.
Yellow roses and white wine looking at the Glenn.

You didn't think I was done posting Berlin pics? No!
Next week I have a little something planned for you, a colourful week long exposé...
Boring, but: I've posted on the Blogger forum the fact that even though Blogger, dashboard and settings-formatting-language are all set on English, "comments" and "links to this post" under my posts are still in Swedish. My blog What Was Once has the same settings as this one and there everything is in English. Annoying.
Weekend Hello!

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