Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lulu in Berlin

Today I've spent the beginning of my day watching the interview film with Louise Brooks Lulu in Berlin over at YouTube. It's shot in 1984, one year before her death (and quite ugly:ly shot I must say!).

I'm in lust to see the documentary Memories of Berlin: The Twilight of Weimar Culture and much curious to read Louise Brooks memoirs Lulu in Hollywood. The book will be easy enough to get, but does anyone know how to get hold of the film?
See - after all this colour I had to elope to the black and white!
A 2CV fan has encouraged me to start selling a coloured template for my paper car. It's a charming idea, though I'm not sure what I would charge for it... The sketches and measurements remain so maybe I should put one together. Cold be fun, hm?

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