Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kyoto as seen from above

Today we went up Kyoto Tower where I got to do one of my favorite things - take photos through telescopes.
The observation deck is 100 meters above the city.

I bet these guys didn't think they were being spied upon by a Swedish woman in a tower, with a camera. Have they been sun bathing together on a roof high above the city, I wonder?

Today it's been sunny and over 30 degrees Celsius.
We have visited the Kiyomizu-dera temple and and The National Museum of Modern Art where we saw an interesting exhibition on the topic of fashion and luxury from different view points like material, uniquness, wearability etc.

Some Kyoto trivia:
The bicyclists rule the pavement mercilessly.
The mosquitos are small and strike soundlessly.
The food is delicious and you can find menus in English.
The same stuff is sold everywhere.
The street lights have different melodies and almost birdlike sounds that go off when you may cross the street.

All in all, Kyoto is a lovely city, and it definitely deserves more than the measly three days we can give it. Friday we're due to visit this animation studio in Tokyo...

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